Updated 4th January 2018

I don't have underfloor heating installed but I wish I did!

I live in a bungalow with tiled kitchen, utility room and bathrooms. Here are the things that I don't like about my radiators which underfloor heating could improve on:

  • Radiators move air around the room causing a cooling draught especially on feet and legs.
  • The hotter the radiators the more air you will be moving around the room increasing the draught.
  • The floor is the last place that will warm up with radiators and the first place to cool down.
  • Your head will be sweaty and stuffy while you need slippers for your cold feet.
  • Some parts of your rooms will be uncomfortably overheated by radiators while others will always be cold spots.
  • Radiators mean that kitchen and bathroom tiles will always be uncomfortable to walk on - you'd be better off with lino!
  • You have to get mats for your bathroom floor because tiles cold on bare feet.
  • Floors take a long time to dry after mopping.
  • Floor mats and hallways take a long time to dry from wet shoes.
  • Radiators clutter rooms - standard radiators add nothing to the look of a room.
  • Plastic pipes being used nowadays that come out of floor will not be straight and look wonky!
  • You have to cut holes through your nice flooring for the pipes.
  • Not used for half the year but you still have to look at them.
  • You lose a lot of wall space - reduces and restricts the places where you can put shelving/presses.
  • Damage pictures and shelves from hot air rising.
  • Curtains won't draw properly over them and the ugly bottom of the radiator will be visible sticking out.
  • Gradually go off colour/ get scratched dented and rusty.
  • Impossible to touch up scratchs properly - the only solution is to replace radiator.
  • Makes it more difficult to paint the walls.
  • Painting a wall a nice colour acts to highlight a radiator.
  • They gather dust which is difficult to clean.
  • Difficult to vacuum and mop behind pipes sticking out of floor.
  • Children will get cold playing on tiled floor - need to get insulating play mats.
  • Children can be burned by hot radiators.
  • Children and adults bang into hard edged radiators and stub toes against pipes.