Donald Trump – Winners and Losers

2nd October 2018

The success of the Trump organisation is based on having society divided into rich and poor. The golf clubs and hotels under the Trump banner need to have a large pool of rich people to pay the expensive fees. They also depend on having a large pool of working poor to enable business owners and executives to become rich enough to live the Trump lifestyle.

The winners in Trump world are those who amass fortunes off the backs off the losers – the working poor. Trumpworld depends on inequality – a small minority who live like lords and a large majority of working stiffs struggling to make it from one paycheck to the next.

To Trumpsters life is a competition, a survival of the financially fittest. The winners will do all in their power to make sure that the losers never get a fair share of the pie. They will fight against minimun wage, unions and social protections at every opportunity while at the same time giving themselves big tax cuts and huge bonuses.

Trumpworld is an exclusive club of rich people who work hard to make sure they have every imaginable luxury in life and work equally hard to extract every ounce of labour for the lowest cost from the rest of the population.

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