Buying a TV in Ireland - The Best Set-up

Updated 21st May 2018

I'm looking for a TV that will give the Irish channels on demand. I also want access to the UK channels on a seven day programme guide. I'd also like to get access to European tv stations for me to brush up on my French.

Irish Channels on Demand

For the Irish channels I'm going to get the Saorview Connect box released in Dec 2018. With this set up I can have catch up and on demand services for the RTÉ channels, and catch up for TG4.

UK channels with 7 day programme guide

I'm looking for a setup that can give me a seven day programme guide (EPG) for the UK channels.

You have to have a sattelite dish to get the UK channels. A standard satellite box will only give you a now and next programme guide but 'freesat' boxes are available which can give you a seven day guide. ('Freesat' is the UK's free to air sattellite service which is easily confused with 'Freeview' which is the UKs terrestrial service). I want to limit the amount of boxes and remote controls I have to deal with. So instead of getting a Freesat box I am looking for a TV with Freesat built-in. However I don't know how many TVs in Ireland have freesat built in. Only Samsung, LG and Panasonic TVs have freesat built in []. Even if a TV shows that it has inbuilt Freesat on the website I'm not sure that the same model sold in Ireland will have Freesat built in. You have to remember to set the TV to UK for freesat to work []

The Samsung UE49MU6400 fits the bill that is fairly widely available including from laptopsdirect. It specifically mentions that it has freesat but this is on a UK website.

The Samsung UE49MU7000 is another more expensive contender that isn't widely available. It's available from redmondelectric

. Again this TV also specifically mentions that it has freesat.

European Channels

I'm also hoping set up a second satellite dish to pick up European channels and put it through the saorview connect box.